Scatolificio MM is a printed items and boxes manufacturer based in Italy. We produce containers, pill cases, trays, boards, posters. The containers marketed by the company are made with painstaking workmanship and meticulous craftsmanship, in strict compliance with the rules in force in the field of health and safety, as they also contain products for food use. The production is divided into two main areas: standard items (airtight coffee containers) and customized items for a brand or project. For the second type, in particular, the company is able to produce:

  • Containers: round, square, rectangular, octagonal and oval;

  • Pill cases, bottle holders and soap dishes;

  • Biscuit tins;

  • CD holders;

  • Clocks;

  • Trays: round and rectangular;

  • Blackboards;

  • Posters.

All products are made of tin-plate, a sheet of iron on which surface is applied a thin layer by electrolysis.

The tinplate allows us to combine both iron strength to the corrosion resistance of the tin, and additional advantages, summarized as follows:

  • AIR-TIGHTNESS: even with a very thin thickness, the robust molecular structure ensures the isolation of the product from any external agent. In this way, you keep intact all the characteristics and nutritional properties of the canned food, guaranteeing a long life and total protection from dirt, moisture and bacteria.

  • VERSATILITY: Tin is a metal that not only provides an effective protective barrier, but is also renowned for its malleability. This allows the manufacture of containers equipped with special shapes and quality lithographic reproductions. These characteristics combined with its low-cost have made tin can an exceptional communicative object, much sought after by collectors and lovers of modern art.

  • RECYCLABILITY: Thanks to the high degree of purity of the raw material tin-plate containers can be fully recycled countless times, without losing any of its specific features. The low CO2 emissions compared to other materials also mean that tin-plate is first in Europe in terms of its recycling rate.